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The Anti-Suicide & Pro-Joy Candle Co.

Here at Crumble Candle Co. we create wax products with over double the industry-standard fragrance load for maximum scent throw.

Simply place our wax into your favorite tart or oil warmer--and fill your home with one of our delightful fragrances to soothe your soul.

Due to our proprietary creation process, each Crumble Candle Co. wax product may be utilized in any type of warmer.

A separate benefit of choosing a Crumble Candle Co. product means that you are selecting far more than “just another aroma product.” Here at Crumble Candle Co. we aspire to spread messages of hope and joy, as well as to encourage kindness and develop a deeper understanding of others, every day.

Compassion and empathy are at the very core of our company, our product, and our story. These are the concepts which are woven into everything we do.


Crumble Candle Co. products are handcrafted in small batches right here in Overland Park, Kansas.

#TeamCrumble and I have worked with the very best candle manufacturers in order to discover the foremost industry suppliers, their creation methods and the privileged trade secrets involved in creating a truly amazing soy tart melt. We use soy in our wax creations because it creates a better product for your environment. Additionally, soy is a healthier choice for your home as well as a kinder option for Mother Earth.

Our unique fragrances are each meticulously handcrafted by skilled perfumers located within the USA. Since our fragrance load is over double the industry standard—and our products are crafted using a select two-temperature process to ensure the best scent throw possible—Crumble Candle Co. creates the world’s strongest soy-based aroma product, especially for you and your home.

Yeah, we're proud of that, too.


Crumble Candle Co. is happy to offer flat-rate shipping within the contiguous United States for only $5.97. Remember: $5.97 ships your entire order, no matter the size!

Shipping outside of the contiguous United States starts at only $9.97, which makes us one of the most affordable candle companies from which to purchase, internationally!





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