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My name's Brandon and I am a twenty-something member of the LGBT community (as well as a lover of all things yummy smellin')!


I started Crumble Candle Co., because life can be hard (amiright?), and sometimes you just require a moment to yourself. A beautiful, uninterrupted, decadent moment. Meditative even. And that's part of my message.


I want to help you find those moments, and savor them for just a little bit longer. By connecting those moments with specific fragrances, you can begin to build habits of gratitude and joy.

After all: happiness is a habit.

Depression and anxiety are mental beasts that take a bad situation and then flip the volume up to maximum levels.


I live with depression and anxiety...and in early 2015 I made an attempt upon my life. My three-years-long relationship was crumbling, my business and career were falling apart and with each successive year, someone near to me passed away. Life had flipped my volume to maximum levels.


I'm not saying this for pity, I'm saying this because I feel you might relate. In reality, I just summed up the causation of my suicide attempt in three sentences... but if you're like me, you know it would truly take three novels to just begin to scratch the surface.


No one comes into this world knowing how to handle "the human condition" and I doubt anyone leaves it knowing, either. But through the past two years, I've learned one thing can prevail all else: hope.


"It gets better."


That phrase is almost said too much, but I'd like to ask you to stop and reread that short but infinitely powerful sentence, without stigma, without association...and without feeling cheesy.


"It gets better."


A more true statement has never been said.


In early 2015, I found myself a trigger pull away from ending my life, and I asked myself an important question. "Do you want to end it now and throw away all hope that things could be better in life? Or do you want to give it another day?"


I walked away, unscathed, with faith in tomorrow. And then I did that the next day, and the next...


My promise to myself was simple: Stay. Busy.


I went downstairs and sat at the table with my mother, who was unaware of what I was going through--I loved holding things in! Can you relate?--and pitched the idea: "Let's start a candle company." And after some discussion, we started cooking. We created a breast cancer awareness line of candles with the goal of helping the cause, as well as helping my mom get out of debt.


Now, fast forward a few weeks. It's two o'clock in the morning...and I'm sitting alone with my thoughts (which never worked out, well!). In the spirit of staying busy--and in order to keep my mind away from the no-hope-zone--I scampered down the stairs and into our porch (the candle-making room at the time).


I was mixing aromas--and then drawing little monsters--when, suddenly, out of sheer boredom and curiosity: I removed a pink chunk from a candle and promptly whirled it into dust with my blender.


"What the h*ll are you doing now, boy?" My father, with his southern drawl, peeked into the candle room. (It was 2am...and I was using a blender. I couldn't really blame him!)


Starting that night, we played with that idea. But blending up a candle didn't really work, long term. We eventually had to develop our own machinery and techniques which ultimately made this whole "crumble thing" more real.


The following year went by like a snap and, by the time I looked back, I had built a wax empire. I had a huge, supportive #WaxFamily by my side. I had hope...and, most importantly, I had looked inside. And? I had healed.


"Time heals all wounds."


Afterwards, I began to confront my pain. The initial sting of everything had finally subsided. I had learned meditation, given forgiveness and accepted where my life had led me during that year.


And I was happy where I was. I was happy with Brandon.


Then I made the decision to pivot the company back into what it had done for me: it had saved my life. My greatest joy is inspiring hope in others now, through my story, and in offering gentle reminders of hope and love.


Additionally, I offer to talk with anyone who might need someone to listen. My team and I are not mental health professionals - but we are always here and we're happy to listen. And, if need be, we can put you in direct contact with entirely FREE support hotlines we know, like and trust.


Welcome, my friend, to the #WaxFamily.


You're oh so loved,

Brandon & Team Crumble


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