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When will my order ship?
Our current turnaround time for shipping and receiving orders from Crumble Co. is between 2-5 weeks estimated. Holidays extend this period to 3-6 weeks. 
How much wax do I use?
After curing your wax, simply pop a single cube of wax into your warmer and melt for 4-8 hours of melting time. Our wax is formulated to be able to be reused for 2-5 days. This brings you enjoyment, longer, as well as makes our wax an exceptionally cost-effective treat for yourself and your home.
After all of the scent has been released from the cube, you may cleanly remove the wax from your burner with cotton balls, or by dipping a length of ribbon partially into the molten wax pool and then let the wax cool. Once the wax has hardened, you may then remove the wax from your burner by gently lifting up on the ribbon.
What is curing?
Our wax products arrive to you pre-cured by two weeks ... although you may consider curing your wax for an additional week (or longer). Curing your wax is simple - you just refrain from melting it. You can feel free to sniff, toss, sleep-or even go to a party-with your wax in the meantime.
Our wax is made with an in-house blend of genuine food-grade soy, food and cosmetic-grade chocolatier paraffin and vegetable-based waxes (sometimes containing coconut wax). Our ingredients are FDA certified. 
All fragrancing ingredients are soap safe and phthalate free.
Our wax products contain double the industry-standard fragrance load. Yes! Our wax products are actually double the strength of other products found within the aroma industry market!
During use, our scents are each released easily and smoothly due to the proprietary nature of our unique in-house wax blend.
Is there a scent list?
Yes, click here!
What happened to "Wax Crumbles"?
We renamed our company on September 6, 2016 in order to better define our mission. Crumbles are always going to be a part of our brand, but at the core, we're an aroma company with a mission of spreading hope and joy.
We plan to bring back the Wax Crumbles as a product in 2017-18.
What do I use to melt your wax products?
Our products are formulated to melt in any wax burner of your choosing; plugins, tealight warmers, you name it! We call them Crumble Ovens… :)
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Can I obtain a refund on shipping costs if I place a second order during a restock?
As of October 13, 2016, we can no longer accommodate refunds for shipping costs.
Thank you for your understanding!


What are Restocks?
Crumble Co. products are really in demand! That is amazing and my team and I are so grateful.
To best serve our cherished customers, we stock our website twice per month to celebrate our Restock Events. The remaining days of each month, our products might not be available since we are busily fulfilling your orders (as well as creating additional products to better grow our business and to be able to provide you with more of the items you love)!
It won't be this way forever. We are currently establishing ourselves in a larger workplace and we have been hiring and training additional help, as well. At the present time our products are only available during Restock Events … but our goal is to be able to keep up with the demand for our popular product line, very soon.
Thank you for sticking with us through the rapid growth of Crumble Co. … and for continuing to share our products as well as our message!


What are your return and refund policies?

Crumble Co. products represent an affordable way for you to be able to enjoy many different artisan-created products. It is for this reason that we are unable to offer returns or refunds on any order (for any reason). All sales are final.


We cannot change, refine or edit order after being placed. 


We manage a "Crumble Family Sell & Swap" group on Facebook if you'd like to sell or swap any of your Crumble Co. purchases.


Are Wax Crumbles, melts and/or candles edible/for consumption?


All of the products (aside from our LIP SCRUBS) being sold on CrumbleCo.com (or under the Crumble Co. or Soy Crumbles UK brand name umbrella) are NOT for human or animal consumption.


We do not (under any circumstance) condone (nor suggest) the consumption of our products. (i.e. don't eat them. They won't taste as good as they smell, anyway!)

Any of the candy which is included with Crumble Co. shipments is to be consumed at your own risk since those candy products might have been produced in a facility which also processes nuts and/or nut products.


Please utilize common sense when choosing to put anything into your mouth. That's actually a pretty good motto for life, really!


Where is Crumble Co. located?


Crumble Co. was first established in Baltimore, Maryland - but it has since been moved to Overland Park, Kansas.


We also have an international sister! You may shop the United Kingdom site HERE




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President, Brandon R Wagner
Vice President, Cari Anne Hahn



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