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Hey there! It's Brandon with Wax Crumbles :) I'm deciding to write this update series to document just how far Wax Crumbles, and I, have come. To give me and my evolving team something to look back at and go "Wow, if we handled that we can handle anything!" and to give you a look behind the curtains and into my life as a teen business owner. 


Each blog will be very straight forward: Where are we now? 

1. At this moment, we have 45 orders waiting to be filled, and we've filled 72 orders this month -- good numbers! Sadly I'm a little in delay for finishing the 45 right now as the printer I recently purchased went to printer heaven - already. 

Solution? I'm buying the same type of printer I had before - the one that lasted 12+ years and that I have 3 boxes of ink for anyway LOL plus it prints BEAUIFULLY in comparison to the new officejet... 

It shipped today so I expect at least by Friday. I also ordered a fix for the office jet so I can at least use it for a back up and to print shipping labels. Might as well put it to use, right? 

So funny to think something as miniscule as a printer can hault my entire business for days at a time. I hope I look back at this and laugh my butt off. 

2. Boxes! I ran out of the boxes we used prior finally, which is good. They where the wrong size. I have SO much cardboard in my garage though so I've actually just been using that to make boxes at the moment. I think I know the three types of boxes I'm going to order in bulk though, probably in a week or two. I'm in no shortage of packaging materials LOL. 

3. I'm contemplating moving my wax area from my dining area to my bedroom, and making my main apartment simply a studio. It's only me after all, and it would be nice to have my home seperate from the business in a sense. The plan when moving in was to put my studio space in the garage but... well... garages are cold and dark people! I'm colorful and warm - it didn't work out. I can see the lake from my bedroom too, so that would be a fabulous workplace PLUS I can keep the cat off the table. 

Actually that sells it for me. I just sold myself on the idea whilst writing this post. I'm moving my wax y'all! I'll still have the garage for storage. 

Ah, the perks of a small handmade and at home business. Wouldn't trade it. 

4. The last thing - and I doubt most updates will be this grand. Jars. Bags. Jarbags. Bagjars. 

We (and when I say we I mean me LOL) switched to 4oz jars when we got to Kansas, from the 2oz bags. Wax Family members LOVE this, but I'm finding I can't keep up with the expenses of jars. They cost a lot more than bags did, our profits took a big hit and I'm having a hard time keeping stock now while managing growing the company, expanding into new aromas and paying for an assistant to get orders out speedily (this is much more open than I intended to be but y'know what? I'm cool with it). 

So... So. So. We're switching to bags again -- larger bags this time, to match the 4oz jars in the amount of wax they hold (if not a little more). I put a disclaimer in our product description awhile ago to prep for people to start receiving a mix of jars and bags, you may have noticed, before we switch 100% back to jars. 

This is almost embarrassing - I was so excited to start selling our product in jars! But alas, a small business makes mistakes. I make mistakes. I'm giving myself some grace - lesson learned. I'll switch back to jars in a year or so when we can afford to buy them in bulk ($10,000-$25,000 upfront people -- for jars LOL!).

The good news here is we do have a new way of packing bags MUCH cleaner than before. So, no greasy labels or bags, no popped bags etc. as long as shipping goes smooth as it almost always does. 

I'm contempt with Wax Crumbles right now. Things are changing, growing, evolving... People are enjoying life a little more with our help :) and that's all I want. 

That's this weeks little window into my world, thank you for spending this time with me. 

You are loved, my Wax Family friend. 

P.s. I'm wondering if I should send these emails out to signed up Wax Family members? Hmm. What do you think?

- B


Yay! Well done Brandon! I think it would be a good idea to send this out to everyone, even if it just lets them all know about the jars/bags.
I really hope the price of wholesale jars cone down as that price is RIDICULOUS!!!! (And I have to admit I’m more of a fan of the jars than the bags! sorry)

I currently have black raspberry ice cream burning in the background and smells scumprious!!! It smells like skittles!

Keep up the hard work and things will get easier soon!

Much love xx

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