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Behind The Scented Update #2

Hey #WaxFamily! How are ya, love? 

It's been two Months since my first update and WOW have we really entered the new year with a BANG. Bigger brand, team, better packaging, labels, logo, slogan, website, referral program and MORE ahhh! Let's dive in, shall we?

1. Turn around times
This. Is. Massive. Our 2015 TAT was up to 2 months . . .
Now, we're getting your goodies out the door as fast as the same day! Our new public TAT is 1-2 weeks, though we hope to endlessly over deliver on that estimate. :) 

YAY 2016!

2. We found the...

Update #1: Welcome to the blog!

Hey there! It's Brandon with Wax Crumbles :) I'm deciding to write this update series to document just how far Wax Crumbles, and I, have come. To give me and my evolving team something to look back at and go "Wow, if we handled that we can handle anything!" and to give you a look behind the curtains and into my life as a teen business owner. 


Each blog will be very straight forward: Where are we now? 

1. At this moment, we have 45 orders waiting to be filled, and we've filled 72 orders this month -- good numbers! Sadly I'm...



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